Skagit Skate Roller Rink

$70 value

$35 value

$21 value

Get rewarded for purchasing your skates with us. When you buy, we will give you passes to skate free! $59.00 or less receives 3 free passes. $99.00 or less receives 5 free passes. $100 or more receives 10 free passes. All prices are before taxes and fees. 

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Luigino Strut Speed Inline Package

Sizes 2-13

Tour Adjustable Inline Hockey Skate

Sizes S(jr11-1) M(1-4)


Sure Grip Fame Quad Skate Package

Sizes 1-14


Aerio Q-80 Inline Skate Package

Sizes 6-12



Sure Grip Rebel Quad Skate Package

Sizes 1-15


Lenexa Adjustable Inline Skate - Green

Sizes S(11-1) M(1-4) L(4-6)

Lenexa Adjustable Inline Skate - Pink

Sizes S(11-1) M(1-4) L(4-6)



Sure Grip GT-50 Quad Skate Package

Sizes 1-14


Pacer Charger Quad Skate - Girls

Sizes Jr11-4


Pacer Charger Quad Skate - Boys

Sizes Jr11-4